At The Workplace – Team Building Benefits

The Pampered Soul brings the day spa experience to the Workplace…

Most employers don’t really give much thought that a massage can be good for business. But when you get into the physical and emotional points that a massage can deliver, it makes perfectly good business sense to provide your employees with the opportunity to have a massage right in their very own workplace.

There are a multitude of studies and research that suggests that happy employees are more productive employees.  And looking at the benefits below, massage just might make an important contribution to your bottom line.
•    Improves mood and lowers anxiety
•    Increases energy
•    Better concentration and clearer mind
•    Motivation to work
•    Improve morale and loyalty in workplace
•    Boosts immune system
•    Reduce headaches and eye strains
•    Long term financial benefits to the company

For the company
When your company calls Pampered Soul Massage and requests a massage party, it can be a sound investment rather than just another business expense.  By looking at the physical and emotional benefits listed above, the workplace could be a much more inviting and less intimidating place to conduct business.  And if your employees are happy, your customers will be happy.  

For your employees
What is the most important asset a company has?  Its employees.  The machine won’t run without all of its parts working together.  And your business is no exception.  By providing a spa social or massage treatment in the office, your workers will appreciate working to a whole new level.  Research shows lower stress, more positive emotion, lower blood pressure, and more positive interactions at the workplace.  So make a small investment with a big return and call Pampered Soul Massage today and arrange a package for your employees.  They’ll be glad you did.

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About Us

Pampered Soul Massage is a premier mobile massage and spa company in which we bring all our spa services to your location throughout the Tri-State Area. Our mobile services can be provided on an individual or group basis in the comfort of your own home, business or your next big private group event, called “spa parties”.

We provide all the necessary products, supplies and equipment to make your big event a success! Decorations, if applicable, can include water fountains, candles and soothing spa music. We can also provide catering services.


Pampered Soul Massage is a unique massage service, as we bring our services right to our clients' homes, businesses, hotels & B&B 's, throughout New Jersey.

Our mobile spa provides on-site, professional spa services, similar to what you would experience at your local walk-in day spa.

Our spa professionals reserve the right to refuse service to any client who appears to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, is behaving in an inappropriate sexual manner, or if the spa professional feels he/she is in imminent danger.

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